Car insurance for a single day

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One day car insurance from; also known as pay-by-day insurance; provides temporary cover for someone else to drive your car or for you to drive theirs. This short-term policy is ideal for those tricky one-off events that your normal insurance doesn't cover. Situations that typically represent a need for this type of insurance might include having to make a long journey in a friend or relatives car. Perhaps somebody needs to borrow yours in an emergency. Maybe you need access to someone else's car because yours is temporarily out of action. Demand for one day car insurance is increasing due to the unpredictable nature of modern day life.

What are the terms and conditions of one day car insurance?

Most one day insurance plans bear the same features and deliver similar benefits. In a fully comprehensive insurance document you can expect to be covered for death or injury to yourself or a third party, accident liability and a full repair service, full costs for any damage incurred in an accident scenario, and losses incurred by fire, burglary or vandalism. It's available to both cars and vans as long as they don't exceed three and half tonnes. Third-party, fire and theft only policies can be found with this type of cover but fully comprehensive is recommended.

What are the pros?

Pay as you go car insurance is easy to access and if you book online, most companies offer a discount as an added incentive. Cover can be obtained almost immediately so this is also a plus. Any kind of no-claims bonus that you've already earned will not be affected, should you be unfortunate enough to have an accident in someone else's car. The same rule applies to someone you've insured to drive your car. The cost of one day car insurance is obviously enticing with some policies starting at as little as 10. Other advantages include the flexibility of the plan because you can renew it day by day for as long as you need it, rather than committing yourself to a yearly policy that you mightn't even use.

What are the cons?

When you break down the costs of one day car insurance and compare it to a regular yearly policy, it works out much more expensive. You must be in possession of a full UK drivers licence for at least six months and some insurance policies demand that you must have resided in the UK for a minimum of one year. Other disadvantages include age restrictions, especially to those under the age of twenty-one. Age groups falling into the eighteen to twenty-one category might find themselves excluded. You might also fail to secure pay-by-day car insurance if you hold any prior motoring convictions or if you've made a lot of claims in the past. Finally, your vehicle must be legally registered to qualify.