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Economic Growth and Freedom Promote Climate Policy

International Council for Capital Formation
February 14, 2004

Dr. Margo Thorning, managing director of the ICCF; and Dr. W. David Montgomery, vice president of the economic and consulting firm, Charles River Associates spoke on Monday, February 14, at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on why the U.S. was right to reject the Kyoto Protocol and how implementation of the protocol would hurt the economies of Russia and Europe.

A better path forward on climate change policy is to focus on encouraging economic freedom in developing countries and research and development on new technologies to sequester carbon and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. The event was sponsored by the International Council for Capital Formation (ICCF), and featured presentations by Dr. Thorning and Dr. Montgomery. Dr. Andrei Illarionov, senior advisor to Russian President Putin was unable to participate in the briefing but sent in his presentation.

Click below for a full copy of all three presentations:

US Strategy on Climate Change Policy: Does it make sense?
By Margo Thorning

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emmissions by
Improving Economic Freedom in Developing Countries
By W. David Montgomery

Is Global Warming Coming? Is it Warming?
Is it Global? Is it Now? Is it Apocalypse?
By Dr. Andrei Illarionov


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