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The Cost of the Kyoto Protocol: Moving Forward on Climate Change Policy While Preserving Economic Growth

International Council for Capital Formation
October 2005
By Margo Thorning


Dr. Margo Thorning, in this presentation in Slovenia, discusses practical strategies to address economic growth and climate change policies. Suggestions include:

  • Avoid policies which do not meet cost-benefit tests including mandated caps on carbon emissions from mobile and stationary sources

  • Remove barriers to developing world’s access to more energy and cleaner technology by promoting economic freedom and market reforms

  • Increase R&D for new technologies to reduce energy intensity

  • Develop sequestration through both natural and man-made technologies

  • Promote nuclear power for electricity

  • Expand bilateral cooperation with developing countries

  • Promote a truly global solution such as the new Asia Pacific Partnership on Development
    Practical Strategies to Address

Read the Full Presentation (PDF)

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